Pre Set Menu's

Delicious Choices You Won’t Regret

Choose from our pre-set menu's or create your own menu. Whatever you decide we are here to guide you along the way!


  • Blinis with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Thyme

  • Stilton served on Blinis with Black Olives(v)

  • Cream Cheese & Chive bites(v)

  • Mini deep filled Chicken & Bacon Vol-Au- Vents

  • Whole King Prawns on mini skewers marinated in Garlic & Rosemary

  • Brie & grape on a cocktail stick(v)

  • Mini Mediterranean Brushetta

  • Chicken sat'a mini skewers

  • Chicken Tika mini skewers

  • Chicken & pesto Vol-Au-Vents

  • Palma Ham & Melon mini skewers

  • Antipasto mini skewers with Olives and toasted Bread drizzled with Balsamic glaze

  • Cheese stuffed mini Peppers on mini skewers(v)

  • Mozzarella, Mint & Mango on mini skewers(v)

  • Greek Salad mini skewers(v)

  • Meatball lollipops in Red Currant sauce

  • Mini traditional ''shot glass'' Prawn Cocktails

  • Mini Sausage Rolls

  • Mini Pork Pies

  • Mini Onion Bhajis(v)

  • Mini Saag Aloo Pakoras(v)

  • Vegetable Samosas(v)

  • Chorizo & King Prawn sticks in Parsley & Garlic


  • Mini Prosecco Jellies

  • Mini Pimm's Jellies

  • Mini Bucks Fizz Jellies

  • Mini Millionaire Shortbread

  • Mini Brownies

Speciality Platters

A range of platters to compliment any      of our Menu's - All prices shown are for a serving of 8 people and can be increased to your desired numbers.


  • A selection of cooked sliced Meats Platter: Ham, Beef and Turkey with a Salad dressing (Serves 8) £16.95 


  • Spicy Chicken Wings Platter with a Salad dressing (Serves 8) £12.95 


  • Indian Appetizer Platter: Mini Onion Bhajis, Vegitable Samosas and Chicken Pakora with a selection of dips (Serves 8) £16.95 


  • Smoked Salmon Platter: Sliced Smoked Salmon with Lemon, Watercress, Capers and Chives

       (Serves 8) £18.95

  • Antipasto Meat and Cheese Platter: A selection of Continental Meats, Cheese and Olive's  (Serves 8)  £16.95

  • Scotch Egg and Pork Pie Platter: Pork Pies and Scotch Eggs, served open with a pot of Tomato salsa and garnished with Watercress (Serves 8) £12.95

  • Ploughman's Platter: Sliced ham with Cheddar Cheese, Celery, Apple, Crackers and a pot of both Onion Chutney and Tomato Relish (Serves 8) £16.95 


  • Mini Sausage Roll Platter: Mini Sausage Roll, juicy Tomatoes and Watercress (Serves 8) £9.95

  • Mixed Quiche Platter: A selection of sliced Quiche, juicy baby Tomatoes and Watercress (Serves 8) £12.95


  • Mixed Sandwich Platter (Option 1)

       A selection of Club style             

       Sandwiches on White and

       Brown Bread filled with the        


       Ham and Tomato with Chutney

       Roast Beef and Horseradish Sauce

       Three Cheese's in creamy

       Mayonnaise (V)

       Egg Mayonnaise and crushed     

       Black Pepper (V)

       (Serves 8) £12.95 

  • Mixed Sandwich Platter (Option 2)  A selection of Club style                  Sandwiches on White and Brown Bread filled with the       following: 

       Turkey and Stuffing

       Ham and Mayonnaise

       Corned Beef and Piccalilli 

       Egg Mayonnaise (V)

       (Serves 8) £12.95


  • Luxury mixed cut Bagel Platter (Option 3)

       A selection of Club style       

       Sandwiches on White and

       Brown Bread filled with the 


       Smoked Salmon and Cream       


       Egg Mayonnaise with crushed       

       Black pepper and Watercress (V)

       Emmental Cheese, Sweet       

       Tomatoes and Watercress

       Chicken with Avocado in a creamy         Mayonnaise

       Coronation Chicken and Tomato

       (Serves 8) £16.95


  • Luxury mixed Wraps Platter (Option 4) 

       Prawn, Avocado and Chive     


       Creamy Chicken, Bacon and       


       Chicken Tikka and Salad

       Coronation Chicken and Salad

       Avocado, Feta and Cucumber (V)

       Rainbow veg in Hummus (V)

       (Serves 8) £16.95​

  • Rainbow Vegetable and Hummus platter (V) (Serves 8)  £12.95

  • Mozzarella and juicy Tomato Salad dish (V)  (Serves 8) £12.95

  • Chicken & Pasta Salad platter (Serves 8) £14.95


  • Chicken and Caesar Salad platter (Serves 8) £14.95


  • Cheese Salad platter (V)        (Serves 8) £12.95



Whatever your taste, budget and dietary restrictions dictate, we’ll work with you to create the perfect menu.